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The Yanshuf Print subscription is perfect for people who prefer holding the paper in their hands and even smelling that special smell of a printed newspaper. With your Yanshuf Print subscription, you can keep all of your previous copies and re-read them from time to time.

In every edition you’ll find short articles covering topics such as sports, culture, nature, movies, science, computers and travel, relating to Israel and other places in the world, as well as fun activities such as crosswords, word games, puzzles and even recipes. Yanshuf articles and stories come in different levels of difficulty. The newspaper consists of 16 pages.

On top of these goodies, each Yanshuf print edition also includes reading aids to provide you with a better understanding of the subjects discussed in the articles:

  • A dictionary for every article, providing a translation for every new and difficult word.
  • Exercises for additional practice.
  • English explanations for the terms and concepts mentioned.


  • The printed edition is delivery by airmail every two weeks right to your doorstep
  • Get your newspaper delivered directly from Israel
  • Save your newspaper copies and re-read them at your leisure

View a sample

Try out this sample issue. Use the navigation buttons at the bottom to browse through each page of the newspaper. First, try to read the Hebrew without listening to the audio treks. After you tried it yourself, click the headset symbols in the upper left corner of each article to listen to the pronounciation.