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Bereshit Hebrew Newspaper

The Bereshit Easy Hebrew newspaper for beginners makes it easy, fun and especially effective to start learning Hebrew while gradually improving your vocabulary and Hebrew language skills.

Bereshit is written in very easy Modern Hebrew, focusing on international and Israeli current events, Jewish cultural topics, and other topics, while teaching commonly used Hebrew words, slang and phrases.

Children and adults, teachers and independent learners, can find engaging articles, games and exercises that precisely meet their needs and their current Hebrew level.

An inside peek

In every edition you’ll find short articles covering topics such as sports, culture, nature, movies, science, computers and travel, relating to Israel and other places in the world, as well as fun activities such as crosswords, word games, puzzles and even recipes.

On top of these goodies, each edition also includes reading aids to provide you with a better understanding of the subjects discussed in the articles:

  • A dictionary for every article, providing a translation for every new and difficult word

  • Exercises for additional practice

  • 3 different levels of difficulty

  • Audio CD (optional) of all articles in a clean, enunciated style

  • English explanations for the terms and concepts mentioned

  • The Hebrew alphabet and grammar / diction lessons

Understanding and speaking Hebrew

If you would like to improve your Hebrew speaking skills, you can opt to order the audio CD recorded with each edition. The CD, narrated in clear and correct Hebrew, can help you with your pronunciation and general understanding of each article.

Is Bereshit the right publication for me?

"Bereshit" is geared toward beginners, both children and adults, who want to learn Hebrew from the very start. Very easy and very short Hebrew articles and exercises are included in each issue, and the optional CD contains slow and clear narration of every article.

So if you are starting from the very beginning or know very little Hebrew – Bereshit is for you.

If you are not sure of your level we made a short level test to ease the process and help you make the right decision

And remember – we encourage you to learn at your own pace. That is why we offer flexible subscriptions, so you can always switch to Yanshuf - our more advanced level newspaper, even in the middle of the subscription.

More info:

  • Bereshit is published and delivered every two weeks

  • Bereshit is available in either printed version, delivered by Air Mail or online version

  • The printed newspaper consists of 16 pages, 35x25 cm

  • A yearly subscription consists of 18 issues. A 6 months subscription consists of 12 Issues. See below for more options.

  • The magazine is not published during the months of July-August and main Jewish Holidays

  • Bereshit is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Jewish Agency and is used as an educational resource by thousands of readers and schools in over 70 countries, including Hebrew Ulpans.



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Bereshit – Bi-weekly beginners’ Hebrew newspaper

Subscribe to our Hebrew for beginners newspaper and get a very easy to read copy every 2 weeks. Current events, stories from Israel and the world, puzzles, grammar, dictionary and more...


Yanshuf – Bi weekly advanced Hebrew newspaper

Subscribe to our Easy Hebrew newspaper and get a new copy every 2 weeks. Current events, stories from Israel and the world, puzzles and more...


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Combo print + online editions

New!! Combined offer: Every two weeks you'll get the hardcopy with the Audio CD to your doorstep + the Online Edition of the same issue to your online account. Same price, more value…



The perfect Bar-Mitzvah gift

Choose any of our newspapers as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift. They, and their parents, will thank you forever.