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Biblical Hebrew - The Flood: Choice Words from The Story of the Flood

This study book deals with the Great Flood.
We will discuss the raven and the dove and their respective tasks. We will try and understand the role of Noah in the story of the flood.

Biblical Hebrew - The Creation: Choice Words from The Story of the Creation

You don’t have to know Hebrew in order to understand the Biblical text first-hand.

With the Biblical Hebrew Study Book, you will learn the most important Biblical Hebrew words in each section.

You will also get some fascinating interpretations which will illuminate your understanding of the Biblical text, by-passing all translations.

Biblical Hebrew - Psalms: The meaning of important words in the book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms is one of the most well known and studied books of the Bible.
As you are well aware, this is a compilation of poems composed (mostly) by King David.

Stick with it!

500 Stickers for learning Hebrew

In the house, the office, the garden, and more!


Audio accompaniment to help with pronunciation and a vocabulary with all the words.

Conversation Book

Our Hebrew-English Conversation and Situation Book is a fun way to learn Hebrew interactively.
The book includes 18 conversations you can read while listening to the audio tracks.
Each conversation also includes exercises, fun word games and short grammar lessons.
Order your Conversation Book + CD now.

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Hebrew - Portuguese Conversation Book

O livro de conversação que você está prestes a ler, não somente ensina como dialogar em hebraico, mas muito mais. Cada diálogo inclui gírias e expressões modernas. Também ensinamos gramática básica em cada um dos diálogos do curso: verbos, substantivos, adjetivos, palavras interrogativas
e muito mais.

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Hebrew - Spanish Conversation Book

El libro de conversación incluye ejercicios que le permitirán mejorar su hebreo y su capacidad de retener lo aprendido en cada conversación. Encontrará todas las respuestas a los ejercicios en las últimas páginas del libro de conversación.


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Hebrew For Beginners + CD

A Modern Hebrew Study Book based on a special method designed to reduce memory work and accelerate learning.
A user friendly and enjoyable combination workbook/textbook with lots of exercises…

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Customers' Feedback

I love to read and study Yanshuf. I am so glad that Yanshuf exists. It is a great help to learn this very special language, and it is always fun to read.

Wolfgang S. Duisburg, Germany

I absolutely love the paper! I spent the whole day reading it, and I believe it is a wonderful learning tool

Aviva S. Chicago, IL USA

I am a long time subscriber to Yanshuf. I think Yanshuf is great and we use it in my adult ulpan.

Michael B. Chicago, IL USA

Delighted to be receiving both publications - they are excellent and probably the single most important part of my Hebrew studies here in Australia!

Michael T. Sydney, Australia

I really like the newspaper. As a language teacher myself, I think it is a great idea. Congratulations!

Ariel S. Madrid, Spain

I have been trying to teach myself Hebrew for a few months with different materials. Bereshit is the winner.

Gary F. New York, USA

Bereshit is wonderful. I read the news from Israel and learn Hebrew at the same time. The vocabulary in the dictionary is very helpful, especially after doing the exercises. I feel so much more equipped for the battle now.

Tiqvah K. South Africa

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